Native Species Garden

Riding Mountain Biosphere Reserve
Native Species Garden

This past summer, the Riding Mountain Biosphere Reserve began work on our new Native Species Garden at our Erickson Office. These gardens are intended to highlight the many diverse animal and plant species that are found throughout the Riding Mountain Biosphere Reserve. Three gardens were planted in Summer 2011 and more and planned for the near future.

To help guide your way through our Native Species Garden, we have created the following booklets. The Adult booklet contains detailed information and plants about each of the plants in the Native Species garden as well as some recipes for these species. The Kids booklet has basic information as well as a colouring page, maze, and fun trivia! Click on the link below to view or download the booklets.

For pictures of the garden and the individual species, please click here.

The Gardens

The Butterfly Garden is a collection of native species that naturally attract butterflies. A wide variety of wildflowers were included to ensure that this garden would remain colourful throughout the summer! The species planted here include Giant Hyssop, Prairie Sage, Dwarf Milkweed, and Prairie Crocus.

The Bird Garden includes native plants that birds flock to due to plentiful amounts of insects and natural cover in both summer and winter. These species are highly adaptable to a variety of weather conditions and include species like Big Bluestem, Gaillardia, Wild Bergamont and Tall Coneflower.

The final garden we planted is our Deer Resistant Garden. As its name suggests, the species planted here naturally discourage deer from defoliating the garden. These species are unpalatable for the deer but this certainly doesn’t detract from their beauty! Species planted here include Showy Goldenrod, Harebell, Smooth Aster, and Dotted Blazingstar.


The Riding Mountain Biosphere Reserve would like to thank Prairie Flora for providing us with invaluable information about the wildflowers growing in our gardens. The majority of the species found in these gardens were obtained from Prairie Flora. We would also like to thank Ken Beatty Construction and his crew for excavating our gardens and getting ready for planting.

If you find yourself in Erickson, make sure to check out the Riding Mountain Biosphere Reserve Native Species Garden!

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