RMBR Invasive Species Network

Invasive Species in the Riding Mountain Biosphere Reserve

The Riding Mountain Biosphere Reserve (RMBR) has initiated a new project to engage key stakeholders in a coordinated approach to long-term invasive species management. The term “invasive species” refers to plant or animal species that have been introduced into areas beyond their natural distribution, either accidentally or deliberately, and whose spread threatens the environment, economy or society. Invasive species are one of the greatest threats to natural ecosystems worldwide. The threat they pose to the economy is also severe, with industries closely linked to ecosystem services such as forestry, fisheries and agriculture being the most vulnerable.

Once established, invasive species are almost impossible to eradicate. Many invasive species can be difficult to control and the longer they remain untreated the more expensive management efforts become. Therefore many experts advocate preventative measures and early detection and rapid response. This involves careful monitoring for invasive species threats, and if detected, responding quickly with appropriate, site-specific control methods. To be effective, it is important that management efforts be coordinated among all affected stakeholders. Untreated infestations can act as sources of new populations of invaders, increasing both the impacts and control costs for those stakeholders who actively manage infestations on their lands.

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The Project

Invasive Species networks have formed to help connect land managers, researchers, educators, industry and other stakeholders with the goal of minimizing the impacts of invasive and share many common objectives, including facilitating the sharing of data, knowledge and experiences among stakeholders. Invasive species networks focus on preventative measures, EDRR, public outreach, providing technical support for land managers, identifying invasive species research needs, communicating these needs to researchers and making results of scientific research on invasive species available to land managers.

The RMBR, which includes Riding Mountain National Park at its core and the fifteen rural municipalities surrounding the park, is to be home for a new invasive species network. As some invasive species have made their way into the RMBR and others have the potential to do the same, intensifying monitoring and management efforts could prevent their spread.

The goal of this project is to develop a network of invasive species stakeholders to facilitate invasive species prevention, early detection, information-sharing, data management, rapid response and integrated pest control actions in the RMBR. We will be establishing contact with stakeholders in early 2012 and through short interviews we will assess the level of interest in developing an Invasive Species Network in the region, determine which invasive species are of greatest concern, collect existing data on these species, develop long-term objectives and outline priority actions for an invasive network moving forward. We also plan to host workshops related to invasive species identification and management later in the year.

Anybody who would like more information on the project can contact us by e-mail at [email protected]

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