Spread the Word Not the Mussels

The Riding Mount UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve (RMBR) is concerned about the socioeconomic and environmental impacts of the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS), especially Zebra Mussels, into our AIS-free lakes and watersheds in Manitoba.

As AIS spread is largely due to the introduction of AIS into new waters by contaminated boats and water-related equipment, our ultimate defense is a widespread awareness of AIS by stakeholders and the public.  Consequently, we are asking your organization to participate in our Online “AIS Awareness” networking effort by forwarding this email to your members.


To enable people to quickly and easily get up-to-speed, below we have assembled an ‘Online information kit’ that includes key links to Manitoba AIS information sources and pertinent materials posted by other jurisdictions, which are also striving to stop the spread. We are focusing on the Zebra Mussel, as it is the predominant threat and its control measures are applicable to many other invasive species.

“Spread the Word Not the Mussels” Information Kit

Zebra Mussel Invaded Waters in Manitoba, July 2016

Don’t Move a Mussel – Website of the Okanagan Basin Water Board

Short videos:

http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/zebra-mussels-cover-boats-in-gimli-harbour-1.3236746Zebra mussels cover boats in Gimli Harbour  – CBC News, September 21, 2015

Mussel Threat – Protecting BC’s Freshwater

Invasion of the Zebra Mussels – Alberta Conservation Association

“Silent Invaders” Zebra Mussels 2013 – The North American Fishing Club

Zebra Mussels Threat – Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

Manitoba Government

The Manitoba StopAIS  Program

Manitoba Water-Users “CLEAN, DRAIN, DRY AND DISPOSERegulations

Decontamination Instructions – for boat owners, anglers, hunters and recreational water-users, leaving known AIS invaded waters and for those wishing to be extra cautious (note: make sure water temperatures are as specified):
Step-by-step method to clean, drain, dry and decontaminate boats and
Decontamination Methods for Water-related Equipment

Watercraft Inspection Program Schedule – Free boat decontamination is available at Manitoba AIS Inspection Stations. This is the Schedules and Locations link, where updates are posted.

Other Ways to Help

Other ways people can help to prevent the spread of AIS to non-invaded waters:

1/ We encourage everyone to forward this email and share the links on their social media.

2/ Have “THE TALK!”. Some good advise from B.C.

3/ Print out the Manitoba Zebra Mussels Fact Sheet and/or the Regulations and post them on billboards in their communities and have businesses, especially boat dealers, fishing-supply retailers and service stations, post them in their stores. You could also post them at public boat launch sites, if no other AIS signage is present.

4/ Participate in the AIS Awareness Network by sending us your suggestions for expanding the network.

5/ You can also join the AIS discussion on our FaceBook page (coming soon).

6/ If you would like to get involved with our AIS Awareness and Protection Strategies group, please contact us at [email protected].

We thank you for being part of our network and helping us preserve the lakes and streams we love and so many of us depend upon.